What's Happening in our Classrooms?

When it comes to teachers making a difference in the lives of those they teach, Tracy Henry is no exception. It’s no wonder why she was named the 2016 New York State Association of Family and Consumer Science Educators (NYSAFCSE) Teacher of the Year.

 On Wednesday, September 6, Henry, a Family and Consumer Sciences teacher at Shaker Junior High, was surprised when her NYSAFCSE colleagues Sheryl Garofano and Shirley Ware made an appearance at one of Henry’s opening day faculty meetings. Garofano and Ware surprised Henry further when they awarded her with one of the highest recognitions given in New York State, naming her Teacher of the Year.

Tracy Henry giving the camera a thumbs upThe Teacher of the Year (TOY) Award recognizes an individual who has made a significant contribution to the field of education through their effectiveness as a teacher and dedication to the profession of Family and Consumer Sciences. Each local area may nominate one Teacher of the Year. From this group, the State Teacher of the Year is selected.

Henry was chosen for her outstanding work in and out of the classroom as well as her professional involvement at the local and state levels. She has been teaching in the Capital Region for over 15 years and has been with North Colonie since 2007.  Her innovative teaching techniques and her welcoming persona has made her an asset at Shaker Junior High.

“Students enjoy working and communicating with Ms. Henry,” said Russ Moore, Principal of Shaker Junior High School. “Not only does she create a positive learning environment, she thoroughly engages the students with her energetic and thoughtful demeanor.”

She is extremely dedicated to her students and her program. Henry has made a point to become a voice within the FACS department and it has become her mission to promote the amazing opportunities offered in the districts FACS program.

“Tracy has great energy and passion for her classes and her students” said CTE Supervisor, Eric Phillips.

 Congratulations to Tracy Henry on her wonderful achievement and her dedication to the district!




Student-run greenhouse cultivates learning at Eagle Hill Middle School

A Total Farm To Table Experience


Click here to learn how Home and Career Skills Teacher, Betty Comerford, has transformed a vacant rooftop near her classroom into a thriving Farm to Table Operation at Hommacks Middle School in the Mamaroneck School District, Mamaroneck, NY.



M-W Students Sew for a Good Cause 

Under the direction of Monroe-Woodbury Middle School Family and Consumer Science teacher, Fran Callan, the 7th Grade Home and Career Skills students designed and sewed 14 patchwork quilts for Project Linus, an organization that donates hand-made blankets to children in hospitals and shelters. 

After watching a DVD showing the good works the project does for children, the students were touched and eager to get involved by contributing a quilt that they made. They learned what they needed to know during the class sewing unit and then they practiced what they learned. 

Doubt in the beginning was followed by confidence building success when the first quilt was completed. Then "We can't do it" became "We did it. Let's do more!" 

The students are proud of their accomplishment and happy that their quilts will help Project Linus bring warmth and joy to children in need. 

In this case, a great journey began with just one stitch. In addition, MW's Sewing Class and some members of the faculty at both the High School and Middle School also made and contributed quilts to Project Linus." 

Photos of quilts provided courtesy of: Gail Frustace-O'Mara, M-W High School  (Posted April 14, 2015)

(Hudson Valley West- April 1 2015)