Career and Technical Education

 How To Celebrate and Promote Career and Technical Education All Year Long!

  • Display the 2016 logo in your classroom and hallways. This is a great way to engage in conversation about Career and Technical Education! 
  • Plan to teach a career unit in Home and Career Skills and FACS courses in the first part of the spring semester. Focus on CTE and the new Multiple Pathways available. 
  • Invite high school students enrolled in CTE programs to talk about their career pathway with students in your Home and Career Skills courses.
  • Assign students to complete a career investigation and display their posters in the hallways to highlight FACS/CTE career pathways.
  • Advocate for CTE and your program by sharing stories of your students' success with your principal, school board and local community.
  • If your school has a Facebook page, post highlights of the CTE Month events in your classroom and at your school
  • If your school has a Twitter page, tweet about the CTE Month events in your classroom and at your school
  • Arrange to make presentations at various clubs and organization on the value of partnerships with CTE
  • Make a video profiling successful alumni and where they work
  • Write a blog and submit it to your administration to post on your school website
  • Have your students create banners and posters featuring CTE Month and decorate your school
  • Have your students plan an activity for an open house for parents and guardians at your school
  • Attach a CTE Month announcement flyer to minutes or newsletters of organizations
  • Make room for an exhibit in your school featuring CTE Month activities
  • Use a special message promoting CTE Month in the morning school announcements and when answering your telephones
  • Post electronic announcements to your school website, marquee, and bulletin boards
  • Distribute copies of public relations materials to your teachers
  • Recognize your CTE teachers and student organization

Career and Technical Education Information Resources

Career and Technical Education Program Approval

Program Approval Process and Implementation Guide
CTE Programs Approved - (by subject area)
CTE Programs Approved - (by area of state)