Monthly Theme - Gratitude

This month's theme is "Gratitude!"



What Good Is Gratitude?  Gratitude is Healthy For Our Teens

This infographic and article show us just how far reaching the side effects of gratitude are.   


World Vision Australia, organizer of the 40 hour Famine Project, produced this satirical video to remind all of us just how fortunate we really are.  Education World has developed lesson plans for all age levels to accompany the video.


The Science of Thanksgiving Flavors

A recent study on flavor compounds helps us see why our favorite Thanksgiving foods go so well together.  What are our secrets behind our favorite foods?  Watch Can I Eat That? a  NOVA presentation aired on PBS.


Spreading Gratitude Rocks

Spreading Gratitude Rocks is a global grass roots not-for-profit with the sole mission of spreading global gratitude. Check out their dozen lesson plans. videos and other “cool stuff” - just click the tabs at the top of their website.

Habits of Heart:  Helping Students Reflect and Act on Gratitude

The jury is in and the verdict is that gratitude should be set free. Research has shown there are benefits to expressing gratitude, even to "counting one's blessings." But doing so takes a bit of practice.

TPT asked their Teacher-Authors what they were grateful for and how they will include Thanksgiving in their curriculum this month. Keep reading for both inspirational stories and curriculum — a total feast!