January's Theme is Assessment!

“When the cook tastes the soup, that’s formative assessment; when the customer tastes the soup, that’s summative assessment” – Paul Black


This clever interactive was created by the iDesign Unit of West Virginia University Academic Innovation.  It provides a concise review of Bloom's Taxonomy for reference and planning


Planning To Access - How To Align Your Instruction and What If Assessment Was Used To Elevate Learning Rather Than To Rank Students? - two blogs featured in this month's Teaching Channel resources

The Key Differences Between Summative and Formative Assessments - a brief overview from Edudemic which includes a handy infographic highlighting main concepts and examples

Formative Assessment: An Enabler of LearningArticle from Better Evidence Based Education which summarizes the teacher role, student role, and the importance of feedback and classroom climate.

56 Different Examples of Formative Assessment - A presentation curated by David Wees, of New Visions For Public Schools  

Exit Tickets and Assessments,  Formative Assessments  -  Pinterest Boards

Text What You Learned - Using Technology To Access Learning -  a 2 minute video from the Teaching Channel showing how texting and word clouds can provide formative assessment

Quick and Easy Formative Assessments - a one page chart for fast review

Great Sites for On-Line Assessment




Infuse Learning




Pinterest Boards -

Exit Tickets and Assessments

Formative Assessment Pinterest Board

Quick and Easy Formative Assessment Ideas

What if Assessment was used to elevate learning rather than rank students?

40 Student Reflection questions -  from Edutopia - to reflect on project work  - 2-15

Project Learning Based - checklist - like a rubric maker