March is Nutrition Month

Global Perspective

What School Lunches Look Like in 20 Countries Around The World - slide show

What Do People Around the World Eat - lesson to develop awareness of the diversity of food around the globe - uses the TIME slide show  Hungry Planet - What the World Eats

What The World Eats - National Geographic interactive comparing consumption patterns of two dozen countries

Global Food Index – Interactive snapshot of 125 countries

World’s Best Food Markets – Andrew Zimmern



Nutrition Facts Label

New Nutrition Facts Label Changes - ABC video - January 2015

Make Your Calories Count - Use The Nutrition Facts Label -   FDA interactive

Fast Food Nutrition Facts –diet analysis of  food  items from over 30 fast  food chain menus

Nutrition Facts Label Formats - Original vs. Proposed  - FDA

Proposed Changes - What's The Difference? - FDA infographic


Interactives and Videos

Nutrition - What Your Body Needs   - PBS Inspiring Middle School Literacy Collection.  

New Nutrition Facts Label changes -  ABC video - January 2015

What Does 2000 Calories Look Like? - video

Eat A Snack -  Weight Watcher – brief video on emotions and eating habits

Nutrition Cafe - nutrition games – Pacific Science Center

Portion Size Plate – WebMD slide show

Portion Distortion Quiz -   Department of Health and Human Services

Portion Control For Weight Loss – Mayo Clinic

Eat - The Story Of Food -  National Geographic - television series – check your local listings

Food N' Me - a variety of interactives for the younger student

Team Nutrition's My Plate Materials - USDA

Fad Diet Timeline - Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics