Interpersonal Relationships

Bullying Worksheets-



PBS Learning Media Dashboard - Bullying - Help your students recognize bullying and respond to conflict thoughtfully by integrating resources about communication, cyberbullying, and cultural diversity into your lessons.

Pacer’s National Bullying Prevention Center – Take a closer look at their Resources page for fact sheets, web tools, lessons and activities.  The Book Club provides a lengthy review of recommended books for all grade levels.  Bookmarks, posters and flyers are available to purchase for school and community campaigns.



Stomp Out Bullying – Outlines a weekly plan for the month of October.  The Educators Page provides online toolkits for teachers and for students.  This organization highlights Monday, October 5, as Blue Shirt Day World Day of Bullying Prevention and has a series of 2015 Celebrity Blue Shirt Day Videos.

The Bully Project - The Bully Project is the social action campaign inspired by the award winning film BULLY.  These resources were created to help prepare educators to lead a discussion with their students that focuses on developing empathy and taking action. 

The Myth of “Mean Girls” -  A brief review of a longitudinal study of relational aggression changes during the teen years.

7 Essential Interpersonal Relationship Skills - Evaluate and challenge yourself as you ponder these skills. Consider it a “self-evaluation”. Ask God  to help you see yourself truthfully as you are and to help you to grow and have healthy relationships. Pick one or two you need to work on and develop a plan of accountability. Being able to have healthy relationships is key to your success with serving the students

Teach Relationship Skills -.contains tiered lessons for teaching interpersonal skills.

Anti-bullying Strategies -freebie from TPT.

Teen Living-License for Success Lesson Plan from UEN -

FACS Lesson on WikiSpaces for IR High -site by North Dakota State University FACS Teacher Education Program - Questionnaires to see if a person has certain character traits.

This Is Me Challenge- If you are really intent on getting your personal history done in depth, here's a cheat sheet for you!  You can do it all in one fail swoop if you have hours on end, or do it in sections at a time.  You can write your answers down, do an audio and/or visual recording, or use these as starting points for scrapbook pages, poems, songs, etc.  You can also use these questions to interview an older loved-one before s/he passes.  

ACT Youth - building relationship skills 
Interpersonal Skills Online -  How to help Teens build Relationship Skills 

In My Other Life  -  What would it be like to grow up in another culture? One way to explore this question is through memoirs and novels. Now, with the Internet, you can offer your students an interactive means to venture outside the borders of their own experience to try on an alternative cultural identity.

Stay Teen - Teen issues like relationships and dating

Choose Respect- Give it, Get it

Girls Inc - activities and discussion of teen issues

Lesson Plan Manners and Etiquette  - UEN Lesson

Teaching Conflict Resolution -

Teachers Guide to Conflict Resolution - Whether it’s an argument with a sibling or a misunderstanding with a friend, everyone has conflicts from time to time. It’s important to know how to handle these problems. The following discussion questions and activities will help your students learn how to manage their anger, communicate their feelings, and constructively solve problems. -  a website devoted to “inspiring people to live good values, seek out positive role models and lead better lives”. Sign up for their daily quotes, use their videos in lesson planning, download their billboards (posters) - all free!

Which Are You - Carrots, Eggs or Coffee? - now there’s some food for thought.  How do we respond to adversity?  This brief story will make you think.

Cyberbullying: The guide is titled "What Is Cyberbullying? An Overview for Students, Parents, and Teachers.” Attending school offers a unique environment for students, but can also expose them to online harassment and bullying from others. This guide offers a plethora of information on cyberbullying in general, how to spot it, handle it and overcome it.