Financial Management


Everfi Financial Management Program: EVERFI provides free online personal finance lessons through games and simulated activities for ElementaryMiddle and High school classrooms. Online lessons take anywhere from 20-45 minutes to complete and can be integrated into unit plans, as a capstone project or in a flipped classroom. 

Teaching Kids About Money: A Lesson Guide for Parents and Educators

Understanding Financial Literacy (Masters in Accounting Guides) - lots of teen resources here!

Good CalculatorsThis website provides a variety of online calculators, such as financial and HR, math and statistics, engineering and conversion calculators.

The Savings Calculator for Kids -

DinkyTown Financial Calculators - mortgage. loan and retirement calculators.

Practical Money Skills for Life Games – Visa interactive games (football and soccer)

You are Here - where kids learn to be smart consumers.

Better Money Habits - lot of mini video clips - savings, credit, budgeting etc - (Bank of America / Khan Academy)

Take Charge Today -  University of Arizona 

Money 101 For Parents and Teens - Infographic

Hands On Banking - Money skiulls that you need for Life!  Take charge of your future!

Play Spent -  good simulation, but asks for donation at end

It's My Life- money management tips, mad money game

The Budgeting Bean Game -  lesson from the Wisconsin Banker's Association

Feed The Pigs - financial literacy program - on  line - 4,5,6 graders

Testing Your Money Smarts- Interactive quiz -

The Mint-Calculate your FUTURE income! - create a budget based on future expected earnings.

NetCredit- Credits and Debits- Understanding Practical Money Management. 

Consumer Jungle- Alright we get it. Learning about personal finance isn't always a good time. Fear no more. With all of these games, learning about personal finance will be like taking a vacation to Disneyland. Alright, maybe not that exciting but they might be better than those lengthy lectures from Mom and Dad. The best part -- you can search by topic or recently posted. Kinda cool, huh?

FoolProofMe - a free web site that actually teaches financial literacy principals to the students, has them take quizzes as they go along, AND it records their grades/progress for you to check.

Money Instructor - This site contains some freebies but to get full access you need to purchase a registration.

Reality Store- Reality Store is a financial simulation where high school students choose careers and make decisions about their budgets and lifestyles. The activity is a fun and effective way for students to learn about personal accounting, financial responsibility and life choices, and interact with business people.

Consumers Union - Teaching with consumer reports

N.Y.S. Consumer Protection Board - State's top consumer watchdog and "think tank”

Kelley Blue Book - new and used car pricing as well as ratings and reviews.

Family Economics & Financial Education - This site has great lesson plans on unit pricing, comparison shopping, job hunting including a great interview booklet.

A Fool and His/her Money - Article

World Watch Institute - 

Federal Trade Commission -

Consumer World - An index of consumer sites that "show you where to go for the latest information on recalls, discounts, bargains and much more".

Center for Sciences in the Public Interest-a great site for nutrition information and links to great sites for consumerism and health.

National Endowment for Financial Education - High School Financial Planning program- create a free account.

Fun Brain- Change - making game for virtual shoppers

Bureau of Engraving and Printing- Virtual money factory