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Useful Websites for Teaching Family & Consumer Sciences

FACS Learning Standards & NYS Curriculums

NYS 28 Learning Standards:

NYS Teaching Standards:

  • These are standards for teachers that were adopted in 2011 and will be used to evaluate teachers.

National FACS Standards:

NYS Education Department for FACSE:

  • This website contains lots of useful information on the NYS learning standards and new course curriculums for middle and high school programs. 

NYS Home & Career Skills Curriculum and Active Strategies:

NYS High School Curriculum Guides:

Common Core State Standards:

  • Here are the CCSS in ELA & Literacy and Math.  As FACS educators we are responsible for integrating and assessing literacy in the secondary classroom.

FACS Resources

4●2 eXplore:

  • This is a list of topics related to many areas including FACS.  When you click on a topic, it provides information on the topic, relevant websites, and ideas on using the topic.

Family and Consumer

  • Created by a FACS teacher, this website provides lesson plans, resources, and ideas on all content areas taught in the FACS classroom.  There is even a place to network with other FACS teachers.

Food Reference:

  • A website full of food: History, cooking tips, trivia & facts, quotes & poems, and recipes.

Food Science for Kids of All Ages!:

  • From Penn State, they provide experiments, activities and lesson plans for teachers. 

Glencoe FACS Classroom Solutions:

Just FACS:

  • This is a FACS teacher’s blog providing information, ideas, and websites on teaching FACS.

Money Instructor:

  • Lessons on teaching about spending and saving money.

New York Times Learning Network:

  • Exceptional cite with many suggestions on creating innovative lesson plans.

North Carolina State University Cooperative Extension for FACS:

Ohio State University OHIOLINE:

  • Ohioline is a website full of good information on many of the FACS topics.

Science of Cooking:

  • This website provides the science behind cooking eggs, pickles, candy, bread, meat, and using seasonings.  There is also a forum for discussion, webcasts, and answers to puzzling food questions.

Thirteen Ed Online:

  • Lots of great materials -- lesson plans, articles, video clips, links, bibliographies and much more.

US Department of Agriculture “My Plate”:

  • The Dietary Guidelines for Americans is updated every five years so it’s important to keep up with the changes that are made.  This website provides information for the 2010 DG on nutrition and healthy eating.

Utah Education Network:

  • This website is full of lesson plans on all the FACS topics.

Vocational Information Center:

  • A list of extensive websites on Entrepreneurship.

Tips & Resources for Teaching

Education World:

  • This is an extremely comprehensive site for today's educators that include excellent articles, lesson plan ideas, reproducible templates for teachers, financial advice for teachers, and much more. 

Kathy Schrock’s Guide to Everything:

  • This website is full of practical and pedagogical uses for technology in the classroom.  She also has a great blog, at for more information about using the latest technology.

RubiStar helps you to create rubrics for projects:


  • This site contains information and ideas on using Multiple Intelligences in the classroom.

Teacher Tap provides information on integrating technology:


  • They provide online professional development for FACS teachers.


  • This is an index to some great group activities and games from team building to ice breakers.

If we teach today like we taught yesterday, we rob our children of tomorrow.
~John Dewey