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CTE Strong

Lesson Plans for Military Kids

Practical Money Skills for Special Needs Kids

Real Estate, Math, and Financial Literacy for K-12

Classroom in the Kitchen Lesson Plans

Smithsonian Lesson Plans

Math Lesson Plans for Shopping


ELL Resources from University of Albany: 


Online Geography Resources for Kids: 


Open Educators:A company that helps create lessons for educators. Check out the links below:

The Educator’s Guide to Applying Real-World Math: 15 Resources with Over 100 Lesson Plans

10 Creative Ways to Use a Tablet in the Classroom

How and When to Hang the American Flag

8 Ways to Make Middle School History More Meaningful

The Educator’s Guide to Real Estate Lesson Plans

40 Cool Science Experiments on the Web

500 Prompts for Narrative and Personal Writing

How to Trace Your Family Tree

Interesting Debate Topics: Social, Cultural, and Beyond

Drugged Driving Prevention: Intervention Techniques to Keep Them Out of the Driver's Seat






Everfi is a educational technology company that provides no cost resources to teachers. Contact Karri Ellis if you have any questions. [email protected] 

USA Today in the Classroom:

Since 1983, USA TODAY has made a commitment to education that is unparalleled in the industry. Our programs are currently in place in over 25,000 K-12 classes across the country as well as over 400 college campuses. Educators reach out to USA TODAY because of our unique format, credible non-fiction text, and topics that are relevant and motivating. Students enjoy reading USA TODAY because of our unique style, bold graphics and easy-to-access information. Available in print, on the web and across mobile devices, our programs continue to deliver on the mission we started nearly 30 years ago.


TES - Teaching Resources



Learning ZoneXpress- This Teaching Materials Index includes over a hundred worksheets and activities which accompany Learning Zones DVDs. It also includes posters and lesson plans free to use and adapt.  Click on the free download button at the top right and see what is presently being offered.


Stossel in the Classroom-Our 2015 Edition FREE DVD Is Now Available! Click the link below to go to our Order Page to order our brand-new DVD for this school year, the 2014 Edition. The DVD includes eight new video segments on a range of topics, both English and Spanish subtitles, and an accompanying Teacher Guide (also in English and Spanish) containing lesson plans, graphic organizers, activity suggestions, viewing guides, and vocabulary. Order yours today!


Micro Business for Teens:

Here is an interesting resource to use as part of an entrepreneurship unit, as an FCCLA project, or as an enrichment activity with a group of students. It’s a self-teaching curriculum that encourages a teenager to start and run a micro business. In an e-mail we received from the author:
Here are three links to the PBS video Starting a Micro Business. Feel free to share these with your members.
-- this is the page with the teachers guide
-- this is the YouTube Channel
-- this is the PBS station's video player


Literacy Integration in your Foods Classroom 

Connie Costley, our president, has shared this project that she does with her "Chef's Workshop" class at the High School level. 

"I show them the powerpoint and have them pick a rule from the book, "Food Rules" by Michael Pollan. I do not elaborate on the rules as that is what they are supposed to do in the assignment. They may pick any of the ways to do the project they wish, power point, prezi, newspaper, comic strip, etc... I also add a time management element and give them a calendar to plan when they will get it done. I will often give them two days in the library. I don't schedule them together in order for them to do some research on their own. I don't really like the rubric that I have at the moment so if anyone develops a better one please share. Hope this helps!" 

Lesson Resources: Power Point, Tic Tac Toe Sheet, Time Management Sheet


NY Times Article, "Sewing Jobs" by Stephanie Clifford

Download this article: Sewing Jobs


Nutrition Matters Inc.-

We create nutrition education products for families with small children in a variety of topics - sippy cups, weaning, weight gain during pregnancy, exclusive breastfeeding, mealtime parenting, ChooseMyPlate concepts, WIC foods, preschool children activity and food choices, and many more topics!

Home Page:


Women in Nontraditional Careers-

We now have 6 posters highlighting Women in Nontraditional Careers, many in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) careers. The posters are: “We Can Do It,” “Good Career Moves,” “I Like to Be Active,”“My Job Makes Me Happy,”“92,000 Hours,” and “Try It!”  Each full-color vertical 18" x 24" poster features 9 different women in a wide variety of nontraditional careers (including welding, engineering, plumbing, firefighting, automotive, machining, policing, building construction, agriculture, and highway construction), as well as vivid thought-provoking quotations about work. Our posters and DVDs are used in CTE, Special Populations, Perkins, Parent Involvement, and Career Exploration programs across the country to encourage girls and young women to widen their perspective on potential career paths. 

For images of these 6 posters, follow this link:    

(Please note that the copyright "watermarks" on the website images do not appear on the actual posters.)

To view a printable flyer, click here:

We also have 17 DVDs and 17 resource guides in our series Her Own Words: Women in Nontraditional Careers.  Perkins funds can be used to purchase these posters, DVDs, and resource guides.



Everfi Financial Management Program: This program is an educational technology company that provides no cost resources to teachers. Contact Karri Ellis if you have any questions: [email protected]
Everfi Financial Management Program: This program is an educational technology company that provides no cost resources to teachers. Contact Karri Ellis if you have any questions: [email protected]